Why struggle when we can snuggle?

The wheel turns... I am not just referring to a famous quote here but also stating a simple reality. All shall get the return of their actions.

Thus, why invest in bland advertising if you want striking results? Corporates indulge massively in the experimentation of creative advertising content to engage audience's eyeballs or gain a few followers on social media. Content creating is simultaneous to the thrill of one's first dive. However, considering deep sea diving when you do not know the ‘s' of swimming might not be the best thing to do – even if Steve Jobs rightly quoted "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Is impressive content enough though?

It is non-debatable that quality content is Key to an advertising campaign. Subsequently, delivering the right message at the right place of time pertains to value for money and directly influences brand image. The backstage of an advertising campaign involves rigorous market research and strategic planning of channel choice. Opting for a wrong medium can make content appear irrelevant to the viewer's eye. Assessing the best-suited medium should not be a fight between online and offline media as they are not rival platforms but meant to support and complement each other.

It is not a hidden truth that we say "Let's Google it" more frequently than "Let's search for it in newspapers". Even so, traditional advertising is not on the way of extinction. For a matter of fact, the entrance of television never killed radio and so, digital advertising may influence OOH advertising but will not kill it. A mighty media proposal, for a big product launch for instance, should consist of both approaches to generate more leads and boost ROI. Traditional advertising is prominent for brand awareness while digital advertising allows a higher level of control and generates cost-effective results.

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