Advertising on a global aspect

Have you ever tried to spend some quality time with your media plan?

If so, you will know that the groundwork is to evaluate the ayes and nays of media approaches for your business. However, devising a media mix to meet your advertising objective is a more complex mission.

So what do you do?

Some companies prefer to be present 'everywhere' or try to bring audience engagement by running aggressive campaigns on social media. What they do not keep in mind is that people hardly find time for themselves in this fast moving era. They have adopted the habit of avoiding repetitive stream of information in most circumstances, mostly when it concerns advertising. Besides, people find it suffocating to be consistently bombarded by similar adverts everywhere they go. Being unique is the factor that will actually prevent them from evading. Here, I am referring to the added value that will differ your advertising culture from that of your competitors. This alarming situation also rise the importance to devise dynamic strategies for reaching out consumers. It is obvious that you would not want to waste all your marketing efforts in cluttered and ineffective campaigns.

Below are some interesting factors to keep in mind before implementing a wise and strategic advertising campaign.

Advertising: Trick or Treat?

Advertising is often associated with ploys and gimmicks adopted to increase purchase value. In fact, the essence of advertising relates more to interacting / engaging with valued customers, instead of shouting out messages. It is reaching target audience by connecting to an emotion, giving them a motive to trust you and believe in your brand. Today, consumers want to have their say. Letting them in will make them feel connected to your brand. This will empower them to spread the word and share the experience they had with your brand.

Go extreme or stay mainstream

Due to advertising clutter and media fragmentation, advertisers are adopting alternate media forms to reach target audience. Alongside with creating appealing advertising messages, they are also moving to creative execution strategies. Guerrilla marketing is one type of extreme and low cost advertising. It is a fundamental marketing strategy that seeks new and eccentric ideas to go sideways from the ordinary, with the aim to be divergent and to capture attention of its audience.

Status quo: Country X ≠ Country Y

Advertising regulations differs from country to country. These often depends on the political / social aspects of each country. For instance, there are countries that accept casting of only local models in adverts. To overcome this barrier some multinationals implement pattern advertising, which connotes to keeping a consistent template for a selected group of countries.

Generation gap or Generation wrap

Corporations are making it a must to reach multi-generational consumers and to understand their buying behaviors. Different generations have distinctive preferences, values, lifestyles and demographics that influence their purchase decisions. Generational evolution and happenings shape each generations, be it economic, social, technological advancement, scientific revolution, politics or even social shocks and terrors like 9/11 awful truths. Multi-generational advertising takes into consideration unique needs of people within each generational group. Advertisers should thus respond to trends of multigenerational advertising by understanding different generations and adjusting their mixes accordingly. This will help businesses to be more conscious and responsive to customers’ needs and behaviors. Surviving in this rapid growing and competitive market involves everything that makes your advertising concept and content look like a painting with a double rainbow on the forefront of a mountain view. Just as the rainbow sight is what brings magic to the painting, your advertising methods is what brings your perspicuous and delightful business operation and ideas to the target audience.

Neerja Rhugoo

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