Media Planning Part 3

So far, so good.

However, it is not enough simply selecting a range of media channels and going ahead with booking them. Choices made have to be justified to the client in the form of a rationale. After all, it is their money which is being spent.

A rationale will describe the overarching logic behind the choice of media strategy. It will then drill further into the tactical detail, with explanations as to why each media vehicle and channel was chosen. Some of the justifications that may be put forward are:

The reward for all this hard work all comes down to… a ‘yes’ from the client! Simple yet gratifying: the client’s seal of approval indicates that they have accepted the strategy being presented to them and trust the expertise of the agency.

Technically, one may argue that the media planning process stops right there, with the media buying function taking over. Media buying involves negotiating with various suppliers to secure premium advertising space on television, radio, print or out of home.

Media planners know however that in practise, both media planning and media buying are closely intertwined. In many cases, it will be the same personnel who will be handling both functions. This ensures that media planners remain on top of their role, building and developing knowledge that enables them to manage campaigns from start to finish.

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